Sports is one factor in keeping people fit and healthy. Thousands of people begin their working day with morning exercises. The pride of the Burshtyn people is a sports centre and a Ukrainian professional football team, the Burshtyn Energetic. They have a lake-side stadium and are currently in the first league of the Ukrainian Professional Football League. The team wrestled to get gold medals in regional championships and took first place when drawing lots amongst amateur football teams.

Some people play sports because they want to be healthy and also because playing sports is one of their hobbies. Nearly every sport is popular in Burshtyn but football, basketball, swimming, karate and boating are the most popular. Many people in Burshtyn enjoy jogging. They often go jogging in the parks, stadiums and even in the streets. There are also many sports sections including a karate section called "Leydo". Many girls and boys train in karate from the age of 6. They participate in the Ukrainian National Tournament. And often win.

Additionally, there are clubs in the Palace of Culture including the dance club, the singing club, basketball and art and English clubs. Unfortunately, in the dance club the children can only study Ukrainian folk dances. Near the Palace of Culture there is a swimming pool called "Dolphin". However, it is only open in the winter. There is also a fitness club. Many women and girls go there to engage in physical activity as it helps them to keep fit. There is also a fitness club near the hotel. Every year there are many tournaments and small Olympic games in Burshtyn.

In Burshtyn, there are many places where you can make your body stronger and also improve your health.

Places to enjoy sports


"Dolphin" is the swimming pool in Burshtyn, but is open only in the winter.

swimming pool

Burshtyn Stadium

Burshtyn Stadium is home to the Burshtyn Energetic, a professional football team, and is located next to picturesque Burshtyn Lake.

football pitch

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