If you want to purchase a gift for your friends, we suggest you buy some souvenirs. The best place for you to buy these souvenirs are local shops such as "Electron", "Camellia" or the "Magic of Flowers".

Electron is situated in the center of town. In this shop there are a great many options of bags, souvenirs, kitchen utensils and other things which can be given as a gift. Or, if you’d rather, you can keep them for yourself.

This shop is the most popular in all of Burshtyn. Salespeople will always give you good advice. In the shop “Camellia” you can buy souvenirs and flowerpots. But, this shop isn’t very popular because it is very small. In the shop called “Magic of Flowers” there are also great choices of gifts and bunches of flowers.

If you want to buy gold decorations or clocks, come in to the shop of Gold that is near Gymnasia.


In our town, you can buy clothes for yourself. There are many shops, including "Glamour". This is located on Shuhevicha Street. You can also buy clothes at "Namysto" on Kaluska Street. The store "Tet" is also a good spot and is located near the Bank Aval.

In those shops there is a variety of choice to suit any taste. But prices on some of them can be rather high. If you want less expensive clothes, you can go to the local market. It is open only Fridays from the morning until about 3:00 in the afternoon. It is near the bus stop.

Salespeople give you some advice as to what clothes are better. But sometimes, this advice is bad. You can also bargain and get a discount.

Food and groceries

If you need to buy some products you can go out to the shop called “Favorite.” It is in the old part of town. This shop is very large. There is a large assortment of commodities and you can buy products that you like. You can also get a discount card here.

Also, you can go on foot to the supermarket AMK. It is on Kaluska Street. This shop is a bit smaller and it has a bit less choice. There are many other shops in our town. They are located in different parts of Burshtyn. You can also buy fresh fruit at the food market which is open everyday.

It is very convenient for the inhabitants of town. And yet, there is a small market in the center of the city where they sell fresh products but the service is a bit bad because all of the products lie on the ground.

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