City centre

The City Centre is one of the most beautiful parts of Burshtyn. Located in the middle of the newest part of the city, It is close to a second centre which features lots of shopping. The first centre is beautifully appointed with a popular store, Electron, and a beautiful television station building. There is a lovely walking path that leads out of the centre and towards the lake. All in all, it is an absolutely excellent example of what Burshtyn has to offer.

city centre


Beryhynia Museum

Beryhynia Museum is situated in the building of the Burshtyn College of Power Engineering. It is one of the best museums in our area.

The history of the establishment of the museum is very interesting. The literature teacher, Tamara Hrygorivna Husar, who is now the director of the museum asked the students to bring some ancient family things to decorate the classroom. Many students agreed to help and after some time there was a big collection, which became the basis for establishing of the museum.

The museum is divided into 3 sections.

The first section displays the embroidery typical for our region, which is often called Opillia. Here you can see beautiful embroidered towels and men and women’s shirts.

The central object of the exhibition is a model of our ancestor’s dwellings. It contains dishes, furniture, icons, carpets, and other ancient home wares. It is very interesting to compare them with the things people use now.

The second section of the museum is dedicated to the tragic moments in the history of our town. On display are books, souvenirs, photos and objects from Yablonovskiy’s Palace.

The third section displays things made by local craftsmen including a collection of "pysanky" eggs and traditional folk clothes. The exhibits of the museum also include a great collections of coins, ancient things from churches and religious books.


National Liberation Struggle Museum

There is also a museum dedicated to the National Liberation Struggle. It is in the Palace of Culture. The museum holds material about brave men, women and teenagers who were the members of the Organization of Ukrainian nationalists and Ukrainian Insurgent Army in the 1930- 1940s.

On one of the displays are weapons and numerous documents. The things that attract the greatest attention are the models of the underground place in natural size. The entrance is incredibly small.

The museum also contains the board with a list of names of 1630 patriots who died in battles and in prisons along with some books, guns, printing machines and other interesting things.


Libraries play an important part in the cultural development of Burshtyn. People are always interested in learning through books. These should not be read just for pleasure. Written books help us in our education. In the libraries we can find all kinds of books. There are three libraries in Burshtyn.

One for children, one for adults and one in the cultural center Prometheus. In all of them there are valuable books which can’t be used at home, but only in the written rooms. They are open to all who want to work there. Besides books, we can read different newspapers such as Halychyna and Express along with magazines. The library for adults is situated in the kindergarten of school number 2 on Enherhetikivk Street. It serves 2,600 readers. The library in Prometheus has the biggest book fund. It has 26, 364 copies of different books. It is located on Mitskevitch Street. You can find many novels, biographies, fiction, short stories, books on travelling, technical books, books for children and so on there.


Unfortunately, you can’t find books in many foreign languages, only in Russian and Ukrainian. Although the official language in Ukraine is the Ukrainian language in the libraries much of the world literature is in Russian. There are also a lot of dictionaries in different foreign languages.

When a reader comes to the library for the first time he fills in his library card and the librarian helps him to choose something to read. Affable librarians work in every library and they are always ready to help. The reader is allowed to take books for only a number of days. There are many technical booka in the library of Prometheus and World Literature in the library for adults. Fortunately, there are some computers in one of them. In the libraries there are often books displayed and there is an exposition for some particular dates of holidays and events.

In the library for the children, located on Bandera Street, pupils often study for their lessons at the library. Every year there is an auction called "Present a Book to the Library" held.

Night clubs

There are some places where people go to relax and forget about all of their problems in Burshtyn. For many people, this is the disco. We have one disco club. It is "Equalizer". Among young people it is the most popular. There is a bar. Here anyone who wants to listen to music and dnace can come and do just that with their friends. However, the cover charge is 20 hryvna.

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