It is not difficult to search Burshtyn on the geographical map. It is an important railway and highway junction. This town is situated in the western part of Ukraine in very picturesque surroundings, in the south part of Rohatyn district and north part of Halych District, between the river of Svir and Naraivka. The total area of the town is approximately 400 Km. It is one of the bigger towns in the Ivano Frankivska region. It is on the railway between Ivano Frankivsk and Lviv. It is located about 60 km from Ivano Frankivsk, 100 from Lviv and 100 from Ternopil.



The climate is mostly moderately continental. In summer and in spring western moderate winds prevail. In the last 40 years a technical storage pool has had a large influence on the climate in Burshtyn.

The winter in this town is usually mild; but there are sometimes severe frosts. January is the coldest month of the year. The average temperature in this month is 5 degrees.

Summer is dry and hot, but there are sometimes showers and thunderstorms. In summer there are 7-10 days, when the temperature is 18 to 25 degrees. June is the month when it rains the most often. But in the hot summer, people are very happy when it rains. In autumn and spring fog is frequent in our town. December and November are the cloudiest months. We think our town has favorable climatic conditions and geographical position for the people who live here.



The nature in and around Burshtyn is absolutely beautiful. The relief of Burshtyn is mostly flat but there are some small hills. Not far from town is Kasova Mountain, which is a unique Natural Reservation.

Burshtyn lake

Kasova Hora

The height of hill on the right bank of Hnyla Lypa arrives at 220-230 meters above the level of the Baltic Sea. The leftt bank hill is something greater, its height reaches 310-340 meters. One of them is called Casova Mountain. It is not very high, but there are many beautiful flowers and some of them are included in the Red Book of Ukraine. We think any people who love a good rest and nature should visit this picturesque corner. The plants of this region are also different and beautiful. It is well worth visiting, especially in spring.

Kasova Hill is part of a mountain ridge. The top of this ridge reaches 320-350 meters above sea level. There are many legends about Kasova hill. According to a legend Danylo Halitskiy kept money and gold in a natural hiding places in a mountain. Closer to the truth is the version about one wealthy landowner who hid money and jewelry in a labyrinth. Some researchers consider that once there was a monastery on the plateau of the mountain. Supposition about its existence was proven in a publication of the magazine “Word”.

From old times Cassava hill was covered with the rare stone called alabaster. Different things like candlesticks, vases, sculptures of animals, fish and birds were made of it.

The plants are a large part of the value of Cassava hill. They attract the attention of doctors and geologists. The scientists confirm that some kinds of plants are from the ancient period. Similar plants can be found in the Tasmania Nova nature reserve. About 300 kinds of plants grow on Cassava hill. About 10 kinds of plants are brought up in the Red book of Ukraine.

The view from the top of Cassava hill is fantastic.

Kasova Hora

Burshtyn Lake

The man-made Burshtyn Sea occupies over 2,000 hectares and holds about 50 million cubic meters of water.

The maximal depth is 10m, average 4m. Temperature in the sea in July is about +23 degrees Celsius. In winter, the lake freezes only partially. First of all, the artificial lake is an inseparable part of the Power station. Every day it soaks up 6 parts of water of the lake. The parts of water are used for technical and household water supply.

Burshtyn Lake

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