Martha Hie

Martha Hie

Holoiad Halyna (Martha Hie) was born in 1922 in Lviv. In 1939, Martha Hie as she was now known, entered the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists. She was an important organizer in the underground up until her arrest in June of 1950. While she offered places for underground soldiers to live, she was also active working in both literary and journalistic work for the Ukrainian Underground. She edited a magazine called “On Chats” for young Ukrainians, writing both stories and poetry.

Hie was sentenced to 25 years in prison after being captured in the streets of Lviv by General R. Shouhevich for her subversive educational movements. She attempted to escape twice. She was punished greatly for these ‘rebellions.’ While in prison, she studied philosophy. After her liberation, she returned to Ukraine with her mother. However, she was not allowed to live in major cultural centers. And this is how she came to reside in Burshtyn, in the Halych region of the Ivano Frankvisk oblast.

She was a member of the Ukrainian Writers Union and a recipient of an award by for Journalism from Poland. She also received the Silver Cross for merit from the Ukrainian Liberation Organization. In 1999, she was given the S. Banderi medal for her many years of fighting to keep Ukrainian nationalism alive. Martha Hie died in 2003. She is buried in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, where her son lives.

Petro Narivny

Petro Narivny

The childhood of Petro Narivny was very hard. He lost his father very early. His mother was a worker and didn’t have time for the education of her son.

In school he studied well. He finished pedagogical school and became a teacher. Then he began to study Ukrainian and Literature at the Pre Carpathian University.

He performed his poems for the press on regional radio. However, he felt that his education was failing him. His teacher at the pedagogoical institute M. Donchenko advised him to study to reach true clarity, as a writer

Narivny was appointed a manager of the regional department of education. After the re-organization, he became the director of Burshtyn School No. 1. Here he proved to be an unordinary teacher. He was the first in the region, if not in the republic to lay down the so-called thematic lessons. Narivny was given an award for this act by the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences.

With an expansion of the network of schools and preschool estabilishments in the territory of Burshtyn, he passed his pedagogical work to School No. 3. It was then that he was able to share his skills as both a teacher and a public activist.

He raised two children and he also had three grandchildren. He was repeatedly elected by the deputy of the settlement as an advisor.

Burshtyn is one of the most developed cities in the Halych district. There are many enterprises locally where much of the Burshtyn population works. They are: 3 secondary schools, a gymnasium, 4 kindergartens, a college of Power Engineering, a higher Vocational school of Trade and Restaurant Service and a Satellite Campus for Ivano Frankivsk National Oil and Gas University. In Burshtyn there is also a hospital, the local TV company, a Thermal Power Plant, a firehouse and several others.

Petro Marousic

Petro Marousik

Petro Marousic was born on December 22, 1936 in the village of Beleluya of Snyatyn district of the Ivano Frankivsk Region. He graduated with a degree in foreign language from Chernivetskiy University. He worked as a teacher at a school, and from 1966 he was a teacher at the Burshtyn power engineering technical school. In 1987 he was told he could no longer teach because of anti- communist activities. Since then he openly carries on political activity.

From his school years he engaged in literary creation, was printed in periodical presses and magazines of Diaspora. Only after the independence of Ukraine he put out two collections: “Guilderrose Rain” is a poetry collection. He wrote it in 1993. In 1994 he released the play “Frozen Three Times.”

From 1998 he has worked as a correspondent of General Political Independent Newspaper “Rohatyn Land”.


Vladimir Hoy

Volodiymyr Hoy

Volodymyr was born on July, fifteen in 1963 in the town of Burshtyn, Ukraine. He studied at art school(1970-1979) and at Lviv Civil Engineering university, specialty - architecture (1980-1983). He worked as an artist-decorator in Leninskiy Komsomol Moscow theatre from 1984 - 1990. He participated in exhibitions in Moscow, Crimea, Poland. His paintings are in private collections in Russia, USA, Europe. Currently his paintings are exhibited and sold in art galleries Union of Artists of Ukraine in Ivano-Frankivsk.

Musiciants and singers

Oksana Romaniuk

Oksana Romaniuk was born on January 17, 1985 in Chernivtsi. After some time she moved to Burshtyn. There she began to sing. Her first time on stage was at the age of 5. In seven years she managed to finish the course in violin offered at the music school. Later, she entered high school and, in 2000, became a student of the Burshtyn Technical College in the Economics University. In 2003, she finished her studies there and entered the Department of Art at Pre-Carpathian University. She studied singing and voice in the extra mural form in the institute of management and economy as a member of the economic faculty.

She has taken part in more than twenty festivals, displaying her particular talent for both voice and violin in the process.

Oksana Romaniuk

Mika Newton

Mika Newton is a wonderful singer. She is also young, beautiful and talented. Most people, who knew or did not know about Mika and her rise to fame came to love her after the full serial "Cadets (Kadetstvo)" first in Russia and later in Ukraine.

Newton was born on March 5. She didn’t always have time, however and she did have time and she beat the acquainted boys, played with them and then became one of their best friends. In nursery school one lad decided he had something to prove Mike and started a fight. By virtue of his size the little boy won, but soon Mika began karate and little boys were not so quick to start a fight with her.

Mika is a merry girl with an optimistic attitude toward life and a desire to change the world for the best. Her favorite color is white, and it looks extraordinary on her. Her favorite movie is “Where Dreams End”, her favorite book is “The Holiday is Always With You” . Books are very important to her as she says that is how you learn. In her clothes, Mika Newton prefers originality and comfort and she spares due attention to accessories. She says Andreevskiy is her favorite spot in Kiev. She also loves pastries with cream, and prefers to drink simple water. She would love to skydive someday.

Her stage pseudonym, Mika Newton, was chosen in honor of Mika Dzhaggera, the boxer. She began singing at 9 years of age. Her first competition was "Zolotiy Тік" in 1995, where she won 2nd place. She considers the competition "Games of The Black Sea – 2002" her biggest success, as she won first place and also met producer George Falesoy.

She is perhaps most famous for her song "White Horses.” It was quite popular in Ukraine, with more than 17,802 ringtone downloads.

Mika Newton

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