Television company

A lot of people work at the TV company. The TV company RAI is the first and most powerful medium of communication in the television space in the northern region of Ivano Frankivsk. This TV company took the leading place among the mass media of the Halych district. The founder and general director of the TV company is Andriy Ivanovich Rusinyak. From the spring of 2002, the TV company has worked in a new building. On May 29, 1997 the TV company RAI got a license and thus began broadcasting its own channel. The Building and television tower they broadcast from was completed in December 2002. Thus, access to TV became accessible for the habitants of the remotest villages of the Halych district and other nearby districts. Also thanks to the television tower mobile communication also began to work in our town and in our region. Now all inhabitants of Burshtyn can watch transmissions of almost 30 Ukrainian and foreign television channels. This broadcasting company has played a major role in the development of Burshtyn.

television company


They are: 3 secondary schools, a gymnasium, 4 kindergartens, a primary school, a college of Power Engineering, a higher Vocational school of Trade and Restaurant Service and a Satellite Campus for Ivano Frankivsk National Oil and Gas University.

There are many places for doing extra-curricular activities. On weekdays, the young people of Burshtyn attend different clubs. Most of them are in the Palace of C ulture. These clubs include options such as English Club, the aforementioned dancing clubs, singing, art, basketball and volleyball. There is also a gym where people can play volleyball. There is also a musical school where you can learn to play differend musical instruments and sing in a choir.


Thermal power plant

Burshtyn is one of the most developed cities in the Ivano-Frankivsk rigin. There are many enterprises locally where much of the Burshtyn population works. But most of population is busy in the production of electric power. On the road from Ivano Frankivsk to Lviv, one would see the gigantic pipes - the silhouette of industrial plant. It is one of the most powerful Electric Power Stations in Ukraine. It was built on the banks of Hnyla Lypa river in a very short time. The Burshtyn Thermal Power Plantis a member of the State Joint – Stock Power Company “Zahidenergo”. The station works on natural gas, coal and fuel oil. More than 5 thousand people work there – nearly a third of the population of Burshtyn. Thanks to the construction of the power station, there was a revival in the economy, agriculture, trading and science of Burshtyn. And thanks to the Burshtyn Power Station, the town of Burshtyn plays a large role in the industrial life of our region.

thermal power plant

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